Eric Funk


Eric Funk is an American contemporary classical composer and conductor. Originally from Deer Lodge, Montana, he currently resides in Bozeman, Montana, where he teaches music courses at Montana State University.

(Cover photo courtesy Rick Smith/Montana PBS)

Orchestral Works

  • The Prophet (1973), symphony orchestra, one movement (variations)
  • Images (1973), chamber orchestra, four movements
  • A Glimpse (Soliloquy in a Forest) (1975), ballet for string orchestra, flute, tape and dancers; tape is activated by shadow and allows dancers to create music by dancing through light beams
  • Lidice (1977), symphony orchestra or chamber orchestra, two movements (Available from Amazon)
  • Rhayader (1978), ballet for chamber orchestra and piano, one movement (Available on The Romantic Music of Eric Funk -- Order Here)
  • Symphony No. 1 (“Emily”) (1979), symphony orchestra, three movements (Available from Amazon)
  • Dance Concertare (1980), piano and chamber orchestra, one movement
  • Romantic Impressions (1984), string orchestra version, four movements
  • Suite of Overtures to the Opera “Pamelia” (1988), symphony orchestra, one continuous movement
  • Symphony No. 2 (“Montana”) (1991), symphony orchestra, three movements
  • Mandel'shtam: A Valediction to the 20th Century (1993), double symphony orchestra, large chorus, two soloists (sopr., bar.), solo string quartet, five movements; three Pindaric odes by Osip Mandelstam in Russian 
  • Symphony No. 3 (“Hradcany”) (1995), clarinet solo and symphony orchestra, three movements (Available from Amazon)
  • Symphony No. 4, Op. 75 (“This Eventide Seems Spilt”) (1996), contralto and symphony orchestra, one movement; text by Amanda Aizpuriete, in English; composed at Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg/Germany (Available from Amazon)
  • Symphony No. 5, Op. 77 ("Dante Ascending") (1998), orchestra and tenor choir (Order Here)
  • BEYOND TIME, a symphonic cycle/pentalogy, ideally performed together:
     Symphony No 6 “Apocalypse-Phoenix Rising”, Op. 88
     ‘The Sojourner’s Eye’, Op. 102, tenor voice and orchestra, settings of poetry by John Haek
     Symphony No 7 “Time”, Op. 105
     Symphony No 8 “And Humankind Departed”, Op. 108
     Symphony No 9 “Time Bridge to Beyond Time”, Op. 111
  • Four String Preludes, string orchestra
  • After Prague, string trio [vn,vn, vcl]
  • From the Other Side (orchestra & prepared tape, multiple speakers)
  • “Your Beautiful Blue Eyes”, Op. 114 string orchestra
  • Dance Concertare for Marimba + Percussion & Orchestra, Op. 101
  • A Christmas Overture (1995), symphony orchestra, one movement
  • A Montana Winter, Op. 125, commissioned by String Orchestra of the Rockies
  • Variations on a Theme by Jan Hanus, Op. 127, violin and string orchestra

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