Eric Funk


Eric Funk is an American contemporary classical composer and conductor. Originally from Deer Lodge, Montana, he currently resides in Bozeman, Montana, where he teaches music courses at Montana State University.

(Cover photo courtesy Rick Smith/Montana PBS)


  • Concerto for Flute & Chamber Orchestra, Op. 93 (commissioned, written for and dedicated to Hubert Laws)
  • Oboe Concerto, Op. 57 (1992): oboe and chamber orchestra, three movements (Available from Amazon)
  • Bassoon Concerto, Op. 62 (1993): bassoon and brass choir, two movements
  • Concerto for Alto Saxophone & Chamber Orchestra, Op. 92 (commissioned, written for & dedicated to Lawrence Gwozdz)
  • Horn Concerto, Op. 53 (1991), horn and piano trio, three movements
  • Trumpet Concerto (“The Circle Within”) (1980), trumpet, symphonic wind ensemble, ten timpani, one movement
  • Dona Nobis Pacem, Op. 107, concerto for timpani & strings
  • Piano Concerto #1, Op. 72 (1996), piano and symphony orchestra, two movements (Available on The Romantic Music of Eric Funk -- Order Here)
    Listen to full piece here
  • Concerto #2 for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 96 (written for British pianist Mark Cracknell) 
  • Concerto #3 for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 116
  • Dance Concertare for Marimba and Chamber Orchestra, Op. 101 
  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra (“Davis”) (1986), guitar, strings and timpani, three movements
  • Violin Concerto #1, Op. 71 (“In Memoriam Anton Webern”) (1995), violin and chamber orchestra, two movements
  • Concerto #2 for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 98 (written for British violinist Catherine Lord) 
  • Vili: Concerto for the Violin Alone, Op. 109 
  • Vili: Double Concerto for the Violin Alone and Orchestra, Op. 128
  • Cello Concerto, Op. 55 (“Hommage à Jacqueline DuPré”) (1992), ‘cello, strings and timpani, two movements (Available from Amazon)
  • Concerto for Double Bass, Op. 85, Horn, Timpani, & Strings
  • Valediction, Op. 103 [concerto for any performance artist & pre-recorded sound]

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